Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam (MMVS)

Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam (MMVS) is the Women’s wing of the Malankara Orthodox Church of India. It is one of the major spiritual organizations of the church bringing together all the female members of the church. 

Brief History

The organization was founded in 1928 aimed at the spiritual progress of women. The founders named it “Marth Mariam Samajam” after the Blessed Virgin Mary whom they accepted as their interceding saint. It was started under the patronage of the Late Very Rev. M. C. Kuriakose Ramban and the leadership of Mrs. Kandathil Annamma. 


The motto of the organization is “Prarthikkuka, Pravarthikkuka, Prakasikkuka” (Pray, Act, Shine). 


The Northeast American Diocese has been organized into seven regions comprising of 7-10 parishes in each region. The Diocesan Metropolitan is the President of the Diocesan committee and the Vice President is a priest from within the Diocese. Our Parish unit falls under the Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island region. Our unit members meet every Sunday after Holy Qurbana for prayer and Bible Study. Reading and Studying the Word of God and upholding each other in prayer are cornerstones of our unit. At our parish level, we organize fund raisers such as bake sales and auctions. In addition, we partake in charity activities both at the diocesan and area levels to help the needy. We ensure participation in Bible studies, seminars, conferences and retreats held at the diocesan and area levels. 


Sunday School

The primary objective of our Sunday school is to educate the children about God and our rich Orthodox tradition. Our Sunday school follows the official curriculum of the Malankara Orthodox Church. Curriculum includes the study of Bible, Church history, faith-based morals and values, Holy Sacraments, Saints and Fathers, traditions and practices. Children are also exposed to the hymns of the Holy Eucharist and prayers.

Sunday school classes meet every Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. School year is from September through June.

Our Sunday school students participate in many Diocesan and area level competitions. They also participate in Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS) for the Long Island-Brooklyn-Queens area. The OVBS is usually held for three (3) days in July or August at a convenient location to all the Parishes.


Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States (FOCUS)

FOCUS is a spiritual organization that caters to the spiritual needs of the older youth in the American Diocese. It is intended for young adults, both married and single, graduate and post-graduate students as well as professionals approximately ages 23 and up. Its goal is to provide a forum, both spiritual and social, for young adults in the American context, looking to enhance their experience of the Orthodox Church.

Goals include:

· To provide spiritual enrichment for young adults and couples via prayer meetings, Bible studies, counselling sessions led by trained professionals,

· To train young adults to be active in the administration and activities at the parish level

· To use the skills and experience of young adults to provide a support system for the young people of our church via Sunday school, MGOCSM and OVBS

· To identify and bring back young adults who have left the church for various reasons and provide them with a way in to the Orthodox Christian community


The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM)

The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is an organization geared towards the younger generation from ages 13-23. The movement’s mission of “Worship, Study, Service” aims to aid young adults in integrating the Orthodox faith into their lives, while also juggling the day-to-day struggles of being a student. 

Here at St. Mary’s, West Sayville, the MGOCSM is a group of devoted and God-fearing young people who strive to grow closer to God. By conducting events like monthly Bible studies and charity work, in addition to activities encouraging fellowship such as Camp Retreats, potlucks, and other various social events, the youth is also able to grow together. Furthermore, they maintain a strong and active role in the church as a whole as well.